Sundance Channel - Worldwide

October 20, 2012 -November 4, 2012


Promotional spot for a Western theme block of programming featuring Hell on Wheels season premiere and television premiere of Aballay.







Experience the best of the wests with the season premiere of Hell on Wheels immediately followed by the television premiere of the award winning Aballay. On the first Sunday of the month, Sundance Channel takes you to a simpler, more violent, time in history with our brutal block of cruel cowboys! At 22:00, tune in for the season premiere of Hell on Wheels. After the Civil War, Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon seeks revenge on the Union soldiers who murdered his wife. His bloody quest takes him West, where he joins the tumultuous, nation-building effort to construct the Transcontinental Railroad. Then at 22:45, we bring you an homage to both Argentina's gaucho culture and the brutal oaters of Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill with the Argentinean western, Aballay.